The Goodrich Sound Volume Pedal is perfect for musicians looking for a high-quality product that can withstand the test of time.

Finest handmade volume pedals

Pedal Steel History

Goodrich is proud of our pedal steel heritage. From Speedy West to Jay Dee Maness, the best players have always chosen Goodrich. Not only that, but our volume pedals have always been the “secret weapon” of most of your favorite guitarists as well! We are excited to now offer the same quality product for players of any and all electric instruments, and look forward to expanding our musical family. How will you use your Goodrich?

The Volume Pedal: Durable, Easy to Use

If you’re tired of your volume pedal only lasting a year or so or being so difficult to use or that it just becomes another thing you don’t want to deal with, this is the product for you. We’ve created volume pedals that are easy to use and we built them to last!

Professional guitarists know that volume pedals can be frustrating to use. But the L-120 Volume pedal from Goodrich is different. This pedal is made of forged aluminum, which makes it stronger and more durable than plastic models. It also has a non-skid surface so you can keep it firmly in place while you’re playing. Plus, there’s an excellent balance and smooth sweep, so you should have no problem adjusting your volume to your liking. If you want all the benefits of great volume pedals without the frustrations of cheaper models, then the L-120 is a must-have for your gigging kit.

Durable. Portable. Versatile

The Volume Pedal is perfect for anyone who wants a stable, easy-to-use pedal that can be used for playing pedal steel guitar, guitar, bass, or any other instrument. With our volume pedals, you can play control your volume and keep your fingers in your strings.

Stop fighting with your pedals.

Struggling to change volume and find a pedal that won’t move? The Volume Pedal is what you need. It’s a durable, heavy-duty pedal that will stay in place while you use it. Getting the perfect sound has never been so easy! The Goodrich Omni pedal, Low and High

Introducing the Goodrich Omni Volume Pedal – the ultimate volume pedal, created for professional musicians and enthusiasts requiring the best possible performance and flexibility from their gear. Our Omni was developed through years of countless combinations of components and values, research and testing. Above all, we incorporated the feedback and skills of the best electronics engineers and players and combined that with the quality Goodrich product is known for.

The Omni is a volume pedal that The Goodrich Omni Volume Pedal is the ultimate volume pedal for professional musicians and enthusiasts. It was developed through years of research and testing, and incorporates the feedback of the best electronics engineers and players. The Omni is a volume pedal that gives you ultimate control over your sound. Whether you’re playing any electric instrument, the Omni will help you achieve the perfect volume levels. With its superior build quality and performance, the Omni is the perfect volume pedal for your pedal steel guitar.

Make your music beautiful with a volume pedal.

A good volume pedal can make all the difference in your sound. The Goodrich Sound L-120, H-120 or Omni pedals are easy to use and perfect for any musician looking for a quality, long lasting product.

The volume pedal is the unsung hero of the guitar world. It’s not flashy or glamorous, and it doesn’t get mentioned much. But this unassuming device can add an inspired dimension to your playing and open up new possibilities for performance. In fact, some players will tell you that the volume pedal is indispensable. With a little practice, you too can become a volume pedal pro! Read on to discover why volume pedals are so useful, what different types of volume pedals there are, where they sit in your signal chain, how to use one effectively and more…