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Volume Pedal Products have been an industry standard among steel guitar players. The 6-string electric guitar players also love  what Goodrich Sound represents. With outstanding build quality and transparent sound quality, Goodrich Guitar Volume Pedals are sure to please the most demanding players. Goodrich offers the H10K and L10K Active Volume Pedals and the 120 and L120 Passive Volume Pedal along with the Goodrich steel guitar pedal mount bracket attachment and replacement pots for both active and passive volume pedals.

Volume Pedal Products have long been a favorite of the professionals because of its simplicity and dependability. The 120 has two outputs for driving two amps or two channels of one amp. For example, either output for driving one amp. The pedal utilizes a long-life potentiometer, giving you years of service. Made of heavy aluminum, this pedal will withstand years of use and abuse. Its rugged construction insures the pedal will stay in place, having a substantial feel under your foot. Its treadle movement is quiet and smooth, and will stay true to where the level is should you take your foot off the pedal.

Volume Pedal Products by Goodrich Sound  have set a high standard pedals and electronic accessories for 50 years and is considered one of the finest. Our passive volume pedals use a string actuation system, Therefore, a smooth sweep, excellent balance and years of performance. Constructed of forged aluminum with a heavy-duty, non-skid surface for a sturdy feel and long life.
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