Since 1965

The Goodrich name has long been associated with quality, handmade products since 1965. Over the years their performance has become legendary as the must-have volume pedals for professional musicians. We have spent the last couple of years resolving past product issues and developing NEW potentiometers, pedals and other products. We are thrilled to be able to offer what has become the industry standard volume pedal for professionals in the studio and onstage for guitarists, pedal steelers, keys, string instruments, bassists...anything you can plug in!
"When I heard the news that Ollie and Curt had decided to retire and close Goodrich, I felt a pang of remorse. Since I had started playing, 42 years ago, a Goodrich volume pedal is what a steeler had to have, and I just couldn’t let it go away. So Kevin Ryan and I purchased the company in 2015 and relocated it to Oceanside, CA where we could continue to grow the legacy of this brand. We value your ideas and input. Do not hesitate to call us and tell us what you need." —Jim Palenscar

Pedal Steel History

Goodrich is proud of our pedal steel heritage. From Speedy West to Jay Dee Maness, the best players have always chosen Goodrich. Not only that, but our volume pedals have always been the "secret weapon" of most of your favorite guitarists as well! We are excited to now offer the same quality product for players of any and all electric instruments, and look forward to expanding our musical family. How will you use your Goodrich?