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Pedal Mount Kit

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Volume Pedal Accessory

Easy to install kit mounts volume pedal to pedal board. 


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The pedal-mount-kit by Goodrich Sound

Volume Pedal Accessory

The pedal-mount-kit is easy to install and mounts the volume pedal to pedal board. Goodrich Sound Pedal-mount-kit is essential for locking down effects pedals and volume pedals to your pedal board. The pedal-mount-kit. Very helpful in keeping the bottoms of your new effects clean from velcro adhesive. The pedal mount is a must for volume pedals and other pricey effects boxes. If you click the link below, It will show you how to install the pedal mounts and your effects to your pedal board. So make sure you check out the video.
Check out our “How To” video

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