The number one call guitar player in the world. Whether it’s the Oscars, CSN, Streisand, Steely Dan, James Taylor or Hans Zimmer, when you want the best, you call Dean Parks. Dean is a great friend of Goodrich Sound.

Dwight Yoakam’s original producer/player and busy LA session guy says about Goodrich pedals.. “I wouldn’t use anything but a Goodrich pedal and have for all the years I have been playing… The best!.

Currently on tour in Europe… Doug said  “The Goodrich Omni changed the tone of my guitar in a great way- really opened it up! It is amazing!”

Currently touring with Zucchero, Andrea relies on her Goodrich Omni Pedal to get her through rigorous nightly performances around the world.

Jay Dee’s credentials are to say the least…”Vast”.  Movies, TV,  tons of sessions from Anne Murray, Arlo Guthrie, Barry Manilow, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Glenn Campbell, Clint Eastwood, really just to name a couple!  Jay Dee Maness really loves the new Omni Pedal.

Finally a volume pedal that works great for all situations—great for guitar and pedal steel. I love the active/passive option and, as opposed to most volume pedals, it gets louder in the right place in the throw—the volume just blooms perfectly!

H-120 Standard  Whether you’re behind a pedal steel or a 6-string, this stomp features dual outputs and is equipped with an Ultra Life million-cycle potentiometer to ensure many hours of trouble-free use. “Tools for the Task” section by Rich Osweiler, Premier Guitar

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